fbcfabric & reindeer – It’s Not Who You Know, It’s Whom You Know – THE FINAL CUT

Might we gladly present, in conjunction with the almighty Mism Records: fbcfabric & reindeer – It’s Not Who You Know, It’s Who You Know- THE FINAL CUT; the definitive edition of the critically acclaimed indie rap classic.

Carefully reassembled from the original album sessions, this release is spread across three twelve-inch vinyl records, split into six movements, and contains 89 minutes of music, over twenty-three songs, presented complete for the first time.

A luxury edition to be sure, and contained in high quality black card sleeves within a hand-sewn outer fabric case, replete with embroidered name tag and high quality A5 doube-sided credits insert, with all the pertinent facts in the case.

Limited to just 100 copies worldwide, the album is immediately destined to be a collector’s item, and is exclusively available direct from Mism Records themselves.  The release date is 9th October and the the pre-order is live.


mism records no.10 | 12″ vinyl | out now

might we most jubilantly announce that our highly-esteemed dear brothers over at mism records have gladly released their fifth anniversary celebration vinyl compilation, in the form of a beautiful 12″ record, containing six tracks of pure musical wonder for your listening pleasure.
featuring contributions from papervehicle, bleubird, babelfishh, reindeer, tenshun, glen porter, maki, and soso, the release is awash with soon-to-be classic bangers for your eternal entertainment. be sure to fix yourself a copy as soon as time and funds permit, only 200 pieces exist worldwide.