my education: a book of dreams

When you unsaid the day and split the hour
I thought, What do seconds do after hours?
And I thought, Minutes are here to go.
So told Edgar Allan Poe
In a brief time before the dead eons
blamed the live months for nothing and everything
But nobody and nothing could heal the split
as time blubbered like severed coral
And there was no time left to mend
the wounds of punctured time spilling
into the void of used razor blades in
the heart of bellowing Texas
For theirs is not an ill for mending
Better take it to the waves that
soothe the Band-Aids of rainy afternoons
And consummate the spray paint’s despairing
flares across the tilted ponds of
Despond and mercurial pollutions
For there is no balm in suburbia
for the lost bougainvillea’s purple lament
For it was after all present and pre-
written eons ago with broken stone hoe
bowed by the weight of centuries he stands
and offers to you his pre-callused
hands that mar the bubble gum’s
affreuse, frivolity, with false teeth
in a screaming skull, molten lead
in the screaming ear and brittle
nuance of greasy fear. It is not
too late to turn the page.
from My Education: A Book of Dreams
by William S. Burroughs

standing stones EU tour

might we very proudly, and very excitedly, announce the standing stones european tour, featuring the combined talents of 2econd class citizen, jamesreindeer and asbest the moor king, representing the united kingdom, and combined together live on stage for the very first time.
having already performed together in separate constellations in locations ranging from glastonbury festival, bochum, and brighton; this tour will finally see them together as a trio, operating both seperately and together, in venues across germany, switzerland, austria and the czech republic.
having also already secured their reputations individually, both on record and within the live arena, we are now poised to witness a full-length tour that shall display the current heights of their own solo performances, as well as giving us ample opportunity to witness live collaborations, both pre-planned and improvised, which shall pitch and sway, vary and alter between shows; spontenaity will abound.
be sure to seriously think about trying to find yourself at one of these performances, and should you be a promoter, then please do not hesitate to contact any one of the artists involved in order to help us secure shows for the last few spare days currently laying unbooked. be sure to get involved in any and every capacity possible, and please do help spread the word, this is surely some ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ business for sure.