complex geometry of the extending scenery


black monoliths stretching out above the winding streets, swarming with streetcars, taxi cabs and harrowed pedestrians; flooding the city with myriad tales of the slow failing. the depths of the murky dreaming mixing in with the complex geometry of the extending scenery.

spectral torment sketched out along the dark streets, amber lamps and the power-lines; choking and restricting. sense of expanding peril and doubt rising up from the storm-drains, ascending stairwells; the shimmering of rainwater on the cobbles of the old town.


freight car vantage point


billowing dreams of sad longing dance within the broken sleep of endless nights, deep within the field. the faraway loss, a flickering flame; slowly going cold. trapped amidst the unsettling visions and pacing the lowly path along the shore. heavy breaths pluming from the vantage point overlooking the hauptbahnhof. watching the freight cars shunt along the tracks as the amber sunset turns smoke grey and the last of the day slowly bleeds to death.


spinal landscapes no.1


failing structures buckle along fault-lines. street-corner apparitions crawling along wounded blocks. silhouetted cranes looming from the bridge-view. sat low and staring long into the rising dream-state.

darkest shadows creep steadily in the morning light. tepid tap-water from a worn plastic bottle. stench of cattle, concentrated in camps lining the highway. throat leech, marks of vaccination.

desert sands and the spinal landscape. drained lake, poisoned reservoir. faint outline of the water tower. black tea, long-wave radio, coal plant, steel mill, factory furnace and rail-road. dismal ash-clouds.

an advancing column marching across a dead plane. drums of the centipede. incense veil, ritual tone poem drone expanding. new-found systems in the ghost maps, dissonance fields reflecting…


research outpost dissonance no.1


…first transmissions from the remote outposts… tempestuous skies and electrical storms… rattling of the shutters… morse code tone poems and the rusted guts of a tortured two-track… during the day the sun baked the paint of the quonset, in the night the crescent moon shone over an icy, frozen steppe… tape samples and dissonant oscillations collected… the shadows move imperceptibly across the landmass at dawn and dusk… crackling of the radio tower cables in the dust-storms…


static beyond the perimeter no.1


…hymn of the long ongoing sounding out in the frozen cold… muted shadows fall upon the spectral stones… we draw ourselves up into our thoughts and ride the rails… wailing and moaning of the swaying power lines… fence-posts stretch out deep in the fallow fields… as the city writhes and coils, slow failing in the icy wastes… the bitter changing of the season steadily coming in… beginning the rising up of the slow lifeless wilting…


first transmission no.1


…a steady crackling coming in over the wireless receiver… a flickering glow from the coleman lantern… field reports from the western lands… field reports from the western lands… field reports from the western lands… transmission cuts-out…