مدينة الياسمين | tape release | coming soon

due to the unprecedented success of the digital version of my recent ‘the city of jasmine‘ live album, i had decided to set about preparing a limited edition cassette tape run of the release, to be made available on my forthcoming EU tour, as well as for order from my online store.
hand-crafted as a limited edition of just 44 copies, each piece is recorded on to chrome tape at the highest standards and packaged in a heavy-duty black card box featuring arabesque designs and containing three mini-postcards featuring auxiliary information and further beautiful art.
please do be sure to think about securing yourself a copy, once the release date rolls around… and, anyone who has already donated a significant amount for their copy of the digital release can expect a transmission regarding their postal address for a free copy of the tape as a ‘thank you’ for the support.

مدينة الياسمين | live album | out now

very gladly presenting مدينة الياسمين, the city of jasmine… a collection of live studio recordings gathered together amidst of the heat of the summer of 2014, during the rehearsal sessions for the ‘destruktiva v’ festival in mulheim-an-der-ruhr on 15th august.
assembling six songs taken from my most-recent ‘sittah sittah sab’ah’ release, from iron filings and sellotape, and the classic fbcfabric & reindeer album, along with one exclusive new interpretation; this short set seems to explode out of itself to create a truly mesmerising whole for its hypnotic duration.
featuring all-live electronics work, utilising ableton controller technologies, analogue synthesis, outboard effects and a few other devices, these performances are able to combine in generating a staggeringly-engaging release.
now available as a name-your-price digital download, with all monetary contributions being gratefully received and put towards securing further necessary technical apparatus in order to further continue this exploration of live sound performance.

kalle | live from the room | tape out now

gentle readers, might i most-gladly announce the debut release from the very wonderful kalle; two dear friends from the czech republic who have over the years become incredibly close friends as well as strong musical allies. i first heard their music as part of their larger band, nod nod, who are purveyors of the most effortlessly-monolithic sludge, but this project, made up of just veronika and david is something completely different indeed.

imagine something wonderfully ethereal, sombre, dark, and brooding, yet hopeful, shimmering and filled with a gentle light. veronika’s voice is an impossible treasure of this world, and david’s guitar layers only generate the perfect stage for her to reach into you with her hypnotic voice and saddened lines. fans of portishead, low, and all things slow-core and melancholic will soak these songs up immediately, and ought anticipate the grace of their live show.
for my own part, i had the distinct pleasure of being invited to master this, their first release, and could not wait to get my hands on these eight magical compositions. please do be sure to secure yourself a copy of the tape, or fix yourself a copy of the digital download. this is the kind of fleeting, haunting music that deserves to be heard as widely as possible, that it can touch as many people as possible; to show them the tender light shining in the distance.

babelfishh – anxiety lesions – out now

the brutal, unrelenting horror, ascending in mounting waves, forever, on fire. with grim despair might we announce that the new tape release from the bloodied claws of babelfishh is now upon us, entitled ‘anxiety lesions‘, featuring thirty minutes of unbroken devastation and now available via the unchurch of divergent series; the unhallowed frkse ever at the monolithic helm.
fifteen songs of cruelty and abuse, mayhem and desolation, grind and destruction, absolutely wall-to-wall with unbridled chews of unharmonious deconsecration; the tape is a filthy sprawling mess of gut-wrenching terror and surely fits as the next salvo in the macabre canon, following on from the unspeakable desolation of ‘howl bender‘.

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/132776608″ params=”color=000000&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_artwork=true” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

be sure to seriously think about fixing yourself a copy, as these murderous beasts shall surely disappear faster than the frantic binge of hideous weeks that took to create them. also featuring my own haggard final fingers as i sought to mince the tracks through my own appalling workshop of despair. buy now, pay forever. six six lesions.

ستة ستة سبعة | instrumentals | out now | vi . vi . vii

in further continued celebration of my, now critically acclaimed and indeed award-winning,  ‘six six seven‘ release, might i be so bold as to present the complete, unabridged instrumentals for the entire release, available for a reasonable sum from my own bandcamp page, containing my own production efforts alongside the enigmatic j.mason of iron filings and sellotape, and featuring the trumpet of s.huber and clarinet of m.born.
how i am consistently overwhelmed and jubilant at the reception this release has received thusfar, and how it gives me great pleasure to be able to extend the experience yet further by offering these instrumental versions, also now complete with six new texts in an accompanying digital booklet. do be sure to think about fixing yourself a copy, should you so desire. you contribution to my cause would be so very gratefully received.

ستة ستة سبعة | instrumentals | coming soon | vi . vi . vii

so, in continued celebration of my ‘six six seven’ release, might i gladly announce that i shall be making the complete ‘instrumentals’ collection available for digital download from my bandcamp site on monday 24th february.
containing the full instrumentals for all six songs, as well as a twenty-page digital booklet featuring six new field reports based on the original compositions, not to mention a few other treats; please do be sure to think about fixing yourself a download when the release date arrives.

ستة ستة سبعة | hand-crafted cd edition | out now

so, as hinted at previously, i have set about hand-crafting a cd edition of my recent ‘six six seven‘ release for touring purposes, and shall be making the discs available on the merch table at my upcoming shows; initially booked within the czech republic and the ruhrgebiet, but soon to be taking me yet further afield.
initially another limited edition of forty-four copies, but with ten of those available to order from my bandcamp page, offering those who won’t be able to make it to any of the shows and are without one of the cassette editions a chance to get involved. so, be sure to find yourself at one of the shows or think about placing yourself an order right now.

ستة ستة سبعة | hand-crafted cd edition | coming monday

due to the unexpected popularity of my recent ‘six six seven‘ tape release via the mighty mism records, and due to the fact that i am about to begin embarking on touring in support of the release without any copies for the merch table, i have taken it upon myself to prepare a limited edition, hand-crafted cd version of the album.
currently existing in an edition of forty-four more copies, carefully constructed from highest-quality slate-grey card, featuring a unique array of images on the discs themselves and containing a few extra little treats, they are rather smart. in addition to making them available on tour, i will also make a small number available to order online, for those who shalln’t be able to attend a performance.
please expect them to be available from
this monday via my bandcamp page

helicopter gunships over gut city

albeit somewhat more-belatedly than planned, we can at last unveil the marvelous video of my a cappella performance of ‘helicopter gunships‘, created in conjunction with the very awesome adrian woodhouse for the knertz icings blog some moons ago when the winter still had a strong grip over the new years slow building.


i had been very much aware of the very cool icings blog since its inception and was over the moon when adrian invited me to get involved too, and since i was not so pressed for time as other ‘on tour’ contributors, being a darmstadt resident, i was keen that adrian and i take a decent amount of time to come up with something extra-special.


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqUYuXrrTKA]

still, we are possibly two of the busiest individuals in gut city, so it was pretty tough to get our schedules to co-incide, in fact i think it took four or five moons even, but at last we managed to gather together in the basement of the decorative stamp compound to put together this rather sinister treat, something amusingly dark in comparison to that which adrian might normally be known for.


so, please do have repeated viewings, please do check out the icings blogmake friends with adrian on facebook, check out some more of his work, as well as that of the knertz collective more generally, and do anticipate some more iron filings and sellotape related news shortly.


take care