helicopter gunships over gut city

albeit somewhat more-belatedly than planned, we can at last unveil the marvelous video of my a cappella performance of ‘helicopter gunships‘, created in conjunction with the very awesome adrian woodhouse for the knertz icings blog some moons ago when the winter still had a strong grip over the new years slow building.


i had been very much aware of the very cool icings blog since its inception and was over the moon when adrian invited me to get involved too, and since i was not so pressed for time as other ‘on tour’ contributors, being a darmstadt resident, i was keen that adrian and i take a decent amount of time to come up with something extra-special.


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqUYuXrrTKA]

still, we are possibly two of the busiest individuals in gut city, so it was pretty tough to get our schedules to co-incide, in fact i think it took four or five moons even, but at last we managed to gather together in the basement of the decorative stamp compound to put together this rather sinister treat, something amusingly dark in comparison to that which adrian might normally be known for.


so, please do have repeated viewings, please do check out the icings blogmake friends with adrian on facebook, check out some more of his work, as well as that of the knertz collective more generally, and do anticipate some more iron filings and sellotape related news shortly.


take care