Field Reports from The Western Lands: Personal Thoughts

This album has been a long journey for me up to this point. It was begun, what seems a lifetime ago, in collaboration with the almighty Nimrod, and envisaged as a spiritual successor to ‘It’s Not Who You Know, It’s Whom You Know’, paying homage to the themes and tones of that now-legendary release, whilst attempting to delve further into those concepts, ideas and thoughts and to expand upon them.

I wanted to approach this album as if it were my first and last, very much in the same way that fbcfabric and I approached our debut together. It needed to be a complete and fully realised ‘snapshot’ of the western world as we were attempting to capture it. Nimrod worked as the consummate professional composer, providing the melodies, textures and tones to complement the moods and ideas of the lyrics themselves.

Together we created a certain palette from which to work from, so to speak. Taking cues from the pop and rock, hip hop and classical worlds, we sought to combine traditional songwriting techniques with more unorthodox methods of sound design, field recording, compositing and manipulation. The aim consistently being to generate a complete, fully-formed image with which we would mirror the complexities of the human experience in the west.

To ultimately realise the project the book was necessary to allow the listener access to the complete lyric transcriptions, giving them every chance to take in and analyse the layers of details for themselves. But also to introduce auxiliary ideas into the whole, which are not committed into the songs themselves, and also to imbue the experience with some of the incredible artwork of Mildew, who went above and beyond with his incredible portrayal of interpreted imagery from the lyric pages.

Finally, ‘There is a Tape Recorder Inside the Sun’, a thirty minute auxiliary drone piece on cassette tape to accompany the whole, and one which extrapolates ideas from the track with the same name on the album into an extended eclipse, a protracted nuclear flashbulb shimmering in a halo of atomic fire. A dream that coexists with the waking ‘reality’ of the album itself.

To have completed this creative journey with the invaluable assistance of Anette Records has enabled us to present our work in the most elaborate and considered way, to be able to release these works on the hallowed double-vinyl format, accompanied by book and cassette tape really is the perfect path to immortalising this illustrious creation which we have birthed within such turbulent times.


Croydon, South London, UK

April 2nd 2018

Field Reports from the Western Lands – The Album


After almost a decade in the making, Reindeer’s first official full-length solo debut, Field Reports from the Western Lands, arrives appropriately in the spring of 2018 as a testament to our current blazing backdrop of social and political catastrophe; Reindeer’s anguished vocals backed by Nimrod’s sonic landscape of breathtaking post-rock tones and loops beckon you home to neon-lit ruins—Reindeer himself leading you by the hand through sprouting black monoliths out from a cracked, dying world.

A conceptual sequel to the fbcfabric & reindeer It’s Not Who You Know, It’s Whom You Know, this 16-track limited edition double vinyl in 4 parts utilizes various ‘field recordings,’ from environmental sounds throughout his travels in Europe and North America to dialogue samples of President Truman and Robert Oppenheimer, taking you on an experiential journey through the fallen Western World of murky dreams and alluring weightlessness—no, this is not an album that’s going to offer you any definiteness; rather, it endeavours to move you through the cavernous entrails of your own confused feelings via hallucinogenic impressions, spectral mirages and tones, carrying you from track to track through the chemical skies and radioactive rubble.

Not to mention that this album also includes a hauntingly gorgeous lyric booklet with original drawings by Reymundo Perez III (AKA Mildew of Papervehicle), and a digital download code as well, the entire package reminiscent of Reindeer’s notoriously complex and involved hand-crafted ‘Fragments from the Field’ packages containing forged documents from a seemingly eternal, glitchy atomic field.

Like a dreamer awakening to find the horror of his prison cell, except the horror is that the bars are nowhere to be seen—just the harrowing knowing of their existence—so it is to be submerged into the shifting, pulsating aural landscapes of this corroding lyrical maze, but with Reindeer guiding us through, his voice a blooming light amongst the wreckage.

Available 30th March 2018, Anette Records No.13

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All the love


news reports from the CNNWTZ safehouse : photographic evidence of video production

…a flickering white noise creeping across the screen… whirring and clicking of the film projectors… digital transmission breaks up over a satellite link… reports coming in of video production activities in PLGWTZ in the last days…

…codename ‘description of a struggle’, coordinated by the almighty Arvid Wünsch and facilitated by the legendary Eaia, bankrolled by the magnificent Anette Records… moving-frame-evidence coming this spring…


black monolith rituals from the old world

gathered together with my 667 guild brother, artist lucien shapiro, and expert film-maker arvid wuensch, this last week saw the performance of a very special ritual here in the depths of the old world.


for now, might i share a few images from the locales of the sun-down segment of the invokation, but hint that further still-image evidence will be forthcoming within the coming weeks.


how i will also reveal that a short-film and music video will result from this communion, in association with anette records, and shall be unveiled at a time when all things are in their correct place… stay tuned for more information…


reindeer now officially part of the anette records family


…a hissing a buzzing over the valves, switch-boards coming to life, tape machines whirring into activity… it is with much jubilance and gladness that i am today able to announce that, after years in the wilderness and after much behind-the-scenes communications, i am now officially part of the anette records family…

i can scarcely word how much this union means to me, nor can i scarcely contain news of what lies in store from this point on… but how i do want to extend my deepest gratitude to the almighty strizi, for seeing me fit to join the ranks, but also for keeping an eye on me during much darker hours…

…anette records is a wonderful DIY enterprise, which already features a roster of such talented artists, many of whom i am already deeply honoured to be acquainted with… please do be sure to lend your support to the cause, investigate their releases and stay tuned for forthcoming announcements…

all the love