fear rituals from the 49th parallel no.1


…grain elevators in flames… a series of totem poles sinking betwixt the mangroves… a church tower daring to reach up through the smog… abandoned train-lines writhe, overgrown and forgotten… factory smoke stacks hang dormant above terraced homes, alleyways, school-yards, gas-stations… a dismal sky blankets the city as a blazing sun hangs buried in a yellowed heavens… a lone generator moans and reverberates in a sunken outhouse as a campfire flickers and spits… a coleman lantern glow from a quonset doorway… water bubbling in a rusty pan, the sound of metal-work… a camera flies high above a ruined city in the western lands, detailing the devastation as it moves from outskirts, to the suburbs, to the centre itself… a soundtrack of rusty chains over a freezing-cold stone floor…