barbed wire garden eu tour

gentle readers. with much excitement i can hereby announce the shocking news that i have officially been enlisted as part of the barbed wire garden EU tour alongside the almighty swordplay & pierre the motionless, geste and we are disco doom revenge, and shall be appearing at all scheduled stops this month, as the route makes it way from paris to vienna and back again; the shear unbridled horror of it all.

‘Barbed Wire Garden’ EU tour – March 2014

14th – Nantes [FR] – Le Lieu Unique
15th – Amiens [FR] – La Lune Des Pirates
so, please do be sure to check for the event in your city, it would be truly wonderful to see as many souls along the road as possible, and how i am so very much looking forward to returning to some sites i haven’t seen in what feels like a lifetime, as well as visiting some new locations that have remained only ‘on the cards’ for far too long. glory days indeed.